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Conversational English with Adults and Children


Hello, welcome to my page!

I’m Jared from USA. I really enjoy teaching English to people that like to talk about topics they love and things they enjoy.


Learn by doing

You learn by doing. Being in a situation where you have to produce and feel what it’s like to learn a new word. Learn by doing is the quickest way to retain a word or phrase.

Online lessons

What to expect


Saved corrections – The mistakes and corrections that are made during class are accessible at any time because they are in the chatbox of the communication app, such as Skype or Zoom.

In-house learning – Feel comfortable learning in your own home where the class comes to you.

At your own speed – Classes are not rushed and are at your own speed.


Suitable for kids and adults – Lessons are custom-made individually for each child and adult.

Beginners welcomed – It doesn’t matter if you have never learned English before in your life. The time is now to start. What if you could say ONE word or phrase better?



English immersion – From the beginning of every lesson, students are exposed to using English in a real world environment. Anything that is taught or used in the lessons are practical and can be used to talk with other English speakers.

On the spot corrections – Books don’t know if you made a mistake in English. That is why you need an English teacher like myself to help you use the correct word or expression in the right context while having a conversation.

Online lessons

How it works


Trial lesson

We have a 30 minute trial lesson.

When having a trial lesson with your child, all you need to do, as the parent, is to tell me their English level before we begin and I will come up with a lesson for them. Book a trial lesson.


Meaningful Conversation

Lessons are based on topics you enjoy. Questions with why, what, who, where and how are used in the sessions. This helps develop a better understanding of the English language, therefore connecting on a deeper level to people you talk to in English.


Report & Feedback

A lesson review or report is at the end of the session and this is what we went over in class. Feedback can be in the form of any recommendations on what the next lesson could be or if the student wants to focus on something more specifically.   

At the end of the lesson, I assign homework for kids. The lesson can be practiced at home with the parent.


Tea Talk with Jared

Can I have lessons when I can’t speak English?

Absolutely! At this level, we will go over a few words so that you say them perfectly. We won’t focus on any phrases or expressions but only words.  You will SEE and HEAR how the word is said and then I will correct you on your pronunciation. It is really that simple.

I want to focus on English exams, such as IELTS, FCE, CAE and CPE. Can you help me?

Sorry, I don’t offer these services. I offer General English and Business English.

How long are your lessons?

For adults, they are 45, 60 or 90 minutes. For children, they are 30 minutes.

How old does the student have to be to have lessons?

The ages are from 6-66 years old.

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