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My story

How it all began

When I first saw my friend return from teaching English abroad, he changed completely, inside and out. The way he walked and talked was inspiring and surprising. I wanted to know more about his story.

Was it really possible to look at the world differently than just living in America?

When I was at the university, I thought America knew how to live and enjoy life to the fullest but from what I saw from my friend, that wasn’t true.  I decided to learn more about this internal change so I decided to teach English where I would meet people and these people that I taught…taught me… more about life and how they view the world and live their life. 

At the university, I met a man that knew a man that was his friend and he told me about Czech Republic and I said, “What is that?” I actually didn’t google Czech Republic because originally I wanted to go to Spain. Czech Republic was actually one of the last resorts but I ended up doing my first English teaching job there. 

My story

Why did I decide to go this way?

Because I’m a handy man. I like to shake hands not fix things as what a handy man really is. I like to greet people and welcome them. I like to give customer service and enjoy seeing a smile on their face when I teach something that they can use in their daily life and really connect with that person on a deeper level.