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Practical real world experience – English conversation in a real world environment that is mixed with pictures and repetition with pronunciation, intonation and role plays.

Lost in translation – When a word is translated from your language into English it could be misused or misinterpreted. I’m here to help you use words that help you express what you are trying to tell an English speaker. There are many times when a foreign language speaker is saying an English word or expression but doesn’t know “the context” on how it should be used in English so that the other speaker understands

No books, only conversation

Conversation is using English immediately without thinking of how to say this or that. You are using it from the very beginning.  Books show you how to use English but practicing it in a conversation are totally different. Books don’t correct your English on the spot. That is why you need an English teacher like myself to help you.


How It Works

You can book a free trial lesson to see my teaching style in action.

Mail For Inquiry

1. Book a trial lesson

Send me an e-mail and book a trial lesson. This is a 30 minute lesson.

Adults will be given a topic that they enjoy talking about at their English level. They will be corrected, given vocabulary and provided useful phrases by focusing on intonation, pronunciation and role plays/dialogues. Depending on the communication medium, such as Skype.  The chat box is used in order to show the corrections and errors that were made in that session.  

2. Lesson structure

Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate: Lessons begin with asking questions about how you are doing, what you did on your weekend or what you find interesting about life and what you learned recently, etc. Then after this we begin with the lesson, which could be about space, culture or hobbies, etc. We then focus on some vocabulary words associated with these topics and use them in a conversation.

Beginner: We start the lesson immediately.

3.  Report & Feedback

A lesson review or report is at the end of the session and this is what we went over in class. Feedback can be in the form of any recommendations on what the next lesson could be or if the student wants to focus on something more specifically.   


My students say …

Jared is a very cool teacher! During the lesson we come across different aspects of the language beginning from business terms, idioms, phrasal verbs and concentrate on informal speech as well. We discuss many colloquial expressions which are mostly used by Americans and also speak about different situations when you should be more attentive while staying in the US. These lessons are a very good practice for me and I highly recommend Jared as a tutor!


lesson with adults

Introduction about lessons

lesson with adults

What To Expect



Lessons can be 45, 60 or 90 minutes long.



We can talk about hobbies, life experiences, life lessons, science, art or anything that you enjoy to have a conversation about. In addition, your English mistakes are corrected while you are speaking.


Saved Documents

Corrections are either in the chat box of the communication app, such as Skype or Zoom or in a saved document. 



Lessons are conversation based and also could be explaining a word, phrase, expression or introducing new topic vocabulary. Every lesson begins with a 2 to 5 minute introduction, “Hi, (students name), how are you?” After this, we then start with the topic of the lesson. Then after the introduction, we start with the actual lesson. In the last 5 to 10 minutes, we review the mistakes and corrections of the student.

How long are your lessons?

For adults, they are 45, 60 or 90 minutes. For children, they are 30 minutes.

How old does the student have to be to have lessons?

The ages are from 6-66 years old.

What do you teach in your lessons?

For adults, whatever they enjoy to talk about, such as life, hobbies, life experiences, life lessons, family life. Anything that they are doing in their day to day life.

How long are your trial lessons?

For adults and children, they are 30 minutes.

"My English is terrible."

I’ve heard this many times and the people who say this, usually,  have at least an intermediate level of English. Just to be aware and to say this isn’t an easy sentence. Book a trial lesson with me to know your level.

"I'm scared to learn English."

It is scary, I admit but remember that you will never know if you don’t try. As an English coach, I have taught people that can’t even say “hello” or “hi.” If I can teach them to say “hi” then you can definitely learn!

Give it a try today and book a trial lesson with me! You have nothing to lose. You are in a safe space and are welcomed to make mistakes. If anything, you can feel what it was like to learn a word of English.

What levels are there?

I go by the CEFR- Common European Framework of Languages because it is easiest to understand. There are 6 levels and it starts from beginner of A1 to C2 very proficient or higher than native.

What do you do at the end of every lesson?

For adults, I review the corrections that we did and then will tell them their homework.  Usually, it’s reviewing the corrections and then using them in a sentence. The next class that we have together, we will go over the homework if the student has any questions about it. I don’t like to go over the homework if the student has already progressed in it or is confident in the corrections. 

How much are your lessons?

A 45 minute lesson is 20 USD or 450 CZK. A 60 minute lesson is 25 USD or 550 CZK. A 90 minute lesson is 30 USD or 670 CZK.