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expressive and creative lessons

Children have a creative and expressive nature. Part of my job is to bring it out of them so it can be shared with the world and the community. Every child enjoys some hobby or free time activity. Some like Disney movies, video games or sports, etc. Within each of these hobbies are things that they really enjoy. Part of my job is to bring this creativity out of them to become reality.

Sing, draw and act

Teaching new vocabulary words by acting, writing or singing.  There are also secondary goals in the lessons, such as prepositions and verbs in the lesson as well. 


How It Works

You can book a free trial lesson to see my teaching style in action.

Mail For Inquiry

1. Book a trial lesson

Send me an e-mail to book a trial lesson. This is a 30 minute lesson. All you need to do is tell me the level of your child before we begin and I will come up with a lesson for them.

2. Lesson recap

Each lesson will have a review of what was covered at the end of the session with the parent. This recap will be about what your child did great in the lesson and what they can improve upon.

3.  Learn by singing, acting or drawing homework.

After every lesson, I always assign homework for the child. This is important because the child will forget if the lesson isn’t practiced at home with the parent. I usually give artwork extension exercises, along with singing so that they can remember the lesson topic easily. Please look at some of my social media videos to see the artwork exercises that might be done. I will also tell the parent what the child had difficulty doing or really excelled at.


My students say …

I am a person who usually avoids any extreme reviews. However, the quality of Jared’s teaching is beyond any words I can think of. Jared is teaching my 7-year-old son Anton who is hyperactive. Usually it is hard to keep his attention for more that a couple minutes. Jared makes every lesson such great fun that Anton looks forward to it even after a busy day and does not get distracted throughout the lesson. Jared also speaks very clearly and uses a lot of intonation which is quite important for teaching beginners. Jared’s emotional intelligence is outstanding – he is always capable to feel how to engage my son. Believe me, it is not easy, and some tutors we tried before said Anton was not even ready for Skype lessons. I highly recommend Jared as a tutor.


lesson with kids

What To Expect



30 minutes is the perfect time for children because they give their full attention to the class.



Lesson will have one theme with vocabulary words.  For example, It could be one preposition and 2 vocabulary words.


This could be making their own props or showing some of my pet animals like my monkey, Hankie.  It depends on the student and class.  Please see my social media for some class examples.


What can the parents expect

They can expect their child to learn new vocabulary words by acting, writing or singing.  There are also secondary goals in the lessons, such as prepositions and verbs in the lesson as well.  For further understanding, please message me or take a look at my social media to see kid lessons in action.

How long are your lessons?

For adults, they are 45, 60 or 90 minutes. For children, they are 30 minutes.

How old does the student have to be to have lessons?

The ages are from 6-16 years old.

How do you teach children?

By teaching what they like in the moment. If they are singing then I will sing with them. If they are interested in math then we will do math with our hands, body or draw. Children are in the flow, and I believe that to change their flow could keep them from being creative and inquisitive about the world. Children love to play, sing, dance, draw, make believe, act, run, etc. Of course, the lessons are fun and educational and not just purely fun. The lessons are dynamic and there is something that they will learn in the sessions, such as a verb, word, or sound, etc.

How long are your trial lessons?

For adults and children, they are 30 minutes.

Do I give homework to children?

Yes and no. I give homework but it is “funwork.” Whatever the student felt like doing in the lesson we had them do for homework but it isn’t what you think homework is from traditional school work. This is about singing, drawing, creating, acting, etc.

What do you do at the end of every lesson?

For children, I will talk with the parent about what we covered during the class.  If the parent doesn’t speak English, I will show them what I did.

"I don't know the English level of my child."

It’s ok. If you could provide me with some material that they are currently practicing at the moment or any words that they know. It would help me have an idea of their level.

How much are your lessons?

30 minute lesson is 350 CZK or 15 USD.