When someone talks about English people or anything to do with the word British, I always think of the queen.  I visualize proper and educated people having afternoon tea  talking about art, literature and family life.  For me, it’s a totally different language and people with serious mature faces. 

I prefer American English because it is more expressive and I feel this is more my style. Yes, there are some words that I prefer to say than British English but overall I use American English. Some expressions, for example, I’ve got 5 pounds in British English and in American English say, I have 5 dollars. In this case, I prefer to say I’ve got 5 dollars. 

The thing with British English is that they don’t really express themselves like Americans. Americans use their voice and their body language to express themselves. Whereas with The British, I have to guess… are they angry, sad or in pain? I have a hard time understanding British people because most of the time I don’t really know how they feel and another thing is I don’t understand their sense of humor. It isn’t funny nor doesn’t make sense to me at all. No matter how many times I try to understand the joke, I don’t think it’s funny. 

Lastly, if you look at the mouths of British people they don’t use their mouths like Americans. British people tend to keep their mouth closed or open a little bit, as opposed to Americans, we have “big loud mouths.” You can spot an American a mile away by how loud they are talking.  Just observe next time. I feel that Americans love The Brits but they don’t really care for Americans.

Thank you,