The great thing about English is that you can focus on a few things.  If you want to sound like a manager, you can focus on your pronunciation and eye contact.  If you want to be a polite person, you can work on saying polite gestures and mannerisms.  If you want to work at Disney then you can focus on your intonation.  There are many ways to improve.  It’s important to find out who you are and what level of English you already have.  Maybe you like dance and want to learn how to use gestures matching your intonation because you are so passionate about it.  Maybe you enjoy talking about medicine and health care so you could talk in a more clear and concise manner to your 

“Jared, you sound like you are trying to change who I am.”  Actually, no this isn’t the case.  Whatever teacher you have, it’s important that they see you as you and not as another person trying to change something.  

The world already has so many machines and automatic things that I want to put human connections back into conversations.  I think we are in an age where everybody is expecting people to be perfect and I think it’s important to know that you are accepted in this world no matter your level of English.  Some people might think differently but there is no reason to get upset about your level.  

What do you want to learn in English? 

Thank you,